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Wholesale Car Auctions Online USA

Tutorial Videos Buy used cars for sale direct from Auto Auctions

Buy used cars for sale direct from Auto Auctions

EZautoauction.com has been the customer's choices since 1996 for purchasing vehicles for sale at cheap car auctions online at prices that have been only for those who happen to be wholesale auto dealers. EZ Auto Auction will bring you some of the greatest selection of new cars for sale, damaged cars for sale, damaged car auction, used vehicles and cheap used cars for sale directly from salvage cars auction online usa or car auto auction online within the United States and Canada. When you are able to consolidate vehicles from hundreds of different car auctions on one single website, then our car finder will make it easy for you to be able to locate some of the best deals on Mercedes cars, used cars in the USA, premium, low end, damaged, and even rebuildable vehicles.

Here at EZ Auto Auction, it is very easy to become a wholesale member and to begin to purchase used cars for sale in the USA that is normally only available to wholesale, licensed auto dealers. You will certainly be amazed with the savings and car deals when you purchase a car wholesale. Our car finder will allow you to see a huge selection of vehicles that include trucks, cars, SUVs, boats, tractor trailers, ATVs, motorcycles and so much more. You certainly cannot go wrong when you are purchasing wholesale and with EZ Auto Auction as well.

EZ Auto Auction is your wholesale auto distributor that will walk you through every single aspect of the buying experience and will assist you with every single transaction from bidding on cheap cars for sale to delivering your used vehicles to your home. Customers, auto body shops, salvage yards, auto glass and muffler shops, auto garages and trucking companies are just some examples of our vehicle auctions members and car purchasing customers that normally would not be able to purchase these types of vehicles from wholesale car auctions online without the assistance of EZ Auto Auction. We are able to bring these great car deals to you as one of our members. That is more than you can say about other types of companies that state that they can get you what you need from car auctions, and they never really deliver.

What we offer to our members that buy used cars and salvage cars for sale.

The largest selection of used cars for sale in the USA from car auto auction online. Every single week we will list more than 50,000 new and updated fresh car auction or auto auction listings. Our auto auction website is representing more than 700 different vehicle auction locations within the United States as well as abroad. Our car finder will allow you to be able to go through our massive inventory of used cars and allow you to be quickly able to locate the vehicle of your choice.

Used car auto sales at wholesale costs at auto auction locations

Our website will be able to allow you to be able to participate in wholesale car auctions and purchase them from banks, leasing companies, fleets, insurance auto auction slavage companies, as well as car dealers for wholesale prices. That means that you will be able to get cars for cheap.


Due to the automotive industry being heavily regulated in order to protect the wholesale marketplace for car dealers, only a licensed dealer will be qualified to attend a wholesale auto auction. Our website takes that to the next level by extending that type of capability beyond a licensed vehicle recycler and licensed car dealer and to all of our customers. That is how we are able to give all of our members the best type of car deals out there and without all of the hassle.

Car Auction Technology that you really can trust 100%

EZ Auto Auction automotive remarketing service is great for used vehicles or salvage vehicles for sale and it is used by more than 700,000 members that are all valued. Our very trusted platform is what allows EZ Auto Auction to be able to have the leading position within the car auction market. EZ Auto Auction has been continuously listed as one of the Top 500 fastest growing companies within the United States of America since 2007. We have international centers as well as representatives in Germany, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Canada, which means that EZ Auto Auction Auto Auction has been recognized all over the world as part of a great automotive remarketing service.

Best in Class Customer Service for Car Auctions

Our Multi-lingual customer service representatives speak Arabic, Russian, German, English, and Spanish. They are all dedicated to give you a top notch purchasing experience. Our customer satisfaction team will be available to you to help ensure that you are getting complete satisfaction. We will be able to provide you with insightful business case analysis, statistical data, and even individual custom research services that will ensure that all of your concerns have been resolved. Our analytics team will be ready to be challenged by your questions. We have the trust of the industry. All of our fee structures and professional recommendation have all been based on integrity and trust.

We have aspired to be great at what we do and we excel at it. Therefore, we are constantly improving our business when it comes to better products, better services, and better value for you. In order to be the best for you, we will keep improving to assist you better.

Vehicle Transportation Services

In order to meet the needs of all of our members who are local and global, we offer a variety of competitive transportation services internationally and domestically and it is to most seaports all over the world. It just takes one click in order to get yourself an instant as well as guaranteed quote to have your salvaged vehicle shipped to a local port for pick up.

Having your vehicle shipped to you is a great way to get your car to you if you do not have a way to haul it yourself. It just like personal pick up, your shipping agent must have all of the needed paperwork on hand and your account must have a balance of zero before they will be able to pick up your vehicle for you and have it shipped where you need it to go.

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Search used cheap cars auction listings to find the best vehicle deals at online car auctions such, salvage pools, insurance companies, dealer only auctions, police auctions and rental fleet liquidation vehicles. 

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