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5 Modifications to Get the Most Out of Your SUV

September 24, 2018

5 Modifications to Get the Most Out of Your SUV


Modern SUVs dominate the automotive market, thanks to their powerful engines and off-road utility. Leading brands are manufacturing SUVs featuring the latest technology and features such as hands-free liftgate, wider tires, and roomy interiors to provide a thrilling and comfortable off-road experience. If you are an off-road trail lover or own an SUV restoration business, there are a variety of aftermarket modifications you can make to your SUV to enhance its performance. EZAUTOAUCTION offers an online platform to buy salvage SUVs at affordable prices, and you can buy options that are beyond the scope of restoration so as to use the salvage parts to breath new life into your SUV. Here is a list of five modifications you can make to get the most out of your SUV.

Bigger Tires


Bigger and wider tires offer improved road-holding, turn-in precision, instant braking, and superior traction on rough terrain. Although it is advisable to go for bigger tires, always make sure to choose the right type for your SUV, as disproportionately big tires will compromise engine performance and overwhelm shock damping and springs due to the extra weight. Look for better rubber compounds and tread patterns that increase traction.

Skid Plates

Rocky terrains and rough trails can damage the underside of your vehicle’s body. If your vehicle doesn’t have good-quality skid plates, even a mild wheeling trip can cause significant damage to your gas tank, transmission, differential. Skid plates are the best solution to such problems and a good protection against tall and pointy rocks hiding in the depths of muddy puddles.

Brake Pads

Brake pads undergo extreme stress every time you slow down or come to a stop, especially on off-road trails, where you need quick acceleration and deceleration. Semi-metallic brake pads are a better replacement for ceramic brake pads. High-temperature semi-metallic brake pads have better temperature fade resistance than ceramic brake pads, and provide more friction during heavy brake use and faster deceleration. They also have a longer lifespan without compromising rotor life, or braking performance.

Strut Mounts

If you notice noises from one corner of the SUV or problems with handling it on bumpy roads, it may be time to get new strut mounts. Strut mounts are an essential part of your SUV’s suspension system as they keep the tires on the road on a rough terrain to provide a better road grip. When looking for new strut mounts, keep in mind to the choose ones that conform to original equipment specifications.

Leaf Springs

The leaf springs at the back of your vehicle tend to sag over time. Adding heavy-duty leaf springs can beef up your vehicle's suspension. Heavy-duty springs eliminate the sagging, wheel-hopping, swaying, and squatting that you may experience on rough trails, and adds some overall stiffness to your ride and better handling.

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