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February 16, 2019

Auto Auctions around the country only allow licensed automobile dealers to purchase vehicles through those auctions. EZautoauction.com allows the general public to bid and buy directly at those dealer auctions, via our proxy bidding platform services. Our data comes in daily through multiple auto auctions, salvage auctions and insurance auctions around the country. We over hundreds of thousands of vehicles to the general public which they can buy at the luxury of their own home. Auto Auctions in the United States are a great way of purchasing all types of vehicles, from used cars, to used rvs, used motorcycles and much much more. Many of our customers turn a profit, and love rebuilding vehicles with light damage or simply restoring a classic vehicle. EZautoauction.com is a unique platform with 35 years in the automotive and salvage industry. Buy Direct from Auto Auctions today. 

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