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Auto Insurance Auction

February 16, 2019

Auto Insurance Auctions, In the United States store, process paperwork and are responsible for the resale of vehicles for the Insurance Companies. Auto Insurance Auctions have agreements with re-marketings such as EZautoauction.com through their data feeds, that allow EZautoauction.com to have live data and new inventory being listed on their site daily. Purchasing vehicles from the insurance and dealer auctions has never been easier. The benefits of purchasing vehicles from an Auto Insurance Auction are saving thousands upon thousands instead of purchasing from a retail dealer who has a physical lot. EZautoauction.com provides all the licenses and title processing services along with transport services for these vehicles. We provide gate releases for our clients and more so we assist with purchasing the correct salvage vehicle of  your dreams. We are a true insurance auction that offers only insurance company vehicles to their clients and rental fleet vehicles. 

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