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March 14, 2019

There are only a few salvage auctions in the United States. There used to be over 50 Salvage Pools accross the nation. Unfortunately the industry has changed and has become a duopoly where vehicles are stored mostly at two major insurance company auctions. Although vehicles are stored at those insurance auctions, the insurance companies have offered their data to remarketing companies like ours which allow us to remarket for the insurance companies and compete with the insurance auctions. EZautoauction.com is not an auctioneer but its one of the best Auto Auctions in the United States allowing you to bid on vehicles with ease, and have an experienced insurance auction agent assigned to you to act on your behalf and submit the bids through brokers that are licensed to buy at these salvage auctions. EZautoauction.com is the Best Salvage Auction in the country in that it provides a concierege service for the public. Allowing them to save thousands upon thousands of dollars off of retail prices. 

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