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Damaged Car Auctions USA

February 14, 2019

There used to be hundreds of Damaged Car Auctions, and Salvage Auctions in the United States. Its fair to say there are about 5 major players left, two of which have become publicly traded companies. Many Damaged Cars in the United States are picked up from repair shops, once totaled and brought over to these auctions which have holding and storage facilities. At which point EZautoauction.com gets an updated data feed with new inventory being listed up for sale. Once the paperwork has been processed each damaged and or wrecked vehicle recieves a sale date at which point the vehicle is presented for auction to the highest bidders. We present this bid to the insruance company, the seller and or the auction along with our other competitors. If our bid/offer is the highest we are then awarded the vehicle and invoice our customers. Damaged Car Auctions in the USA are now open to the public for bidding through our platform and our licensed brokers. Buying Damaged Cars has never been easier. 

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