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How to Buy Salvage Title Cars From Insurance Companies

May 12, 2019

When you’re looking to get the best possible deal on a car, one that others won’t believe, it’s worth your time to look into salvage title cars. For a number of reasons, these vehicles t have been written off by an insurance company. In many cases, these are wrecked used cars for salethat got mild to severe damage, were repaired or rebuilt and again registered in DMV as salvage cars. In these cases, the insurer has decided to pay out a policy at 75% of a vehicle’s value or higher. Rather than repair vehicles with this much damage, the insurance companies title vehicles as salvage. After paying out the proceeds based on the policy, the insurance company takes possession of the car, along with the salvage title issued to it. A vehicle without a salvage title is known to have a ‘clean title’.

And so insurance companies have no reason to hang onto these salvage cars. That’s why insurance companies across the country offer them up through auctions. For many decades, these auctions for salvage cars have mainly been closed to the general public, only available to those with dealer’s licenses. This is true everywhere from Los Angeles to Rhode Island. However, online car auctions have changed all that.

If you’ve been looking to buy salvage cars from insurance companies, then read on. We’re going to explain how you can use online car auctions for buying vehicles, particularly salvage vehicles, as well as the many benefits people can enjoy when they buy a salvage car.

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