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The Benefits of Buying a Salvage Car

May 12, 2019

Salvage cars come in all makes and models. In fact, they run the gamut in terms of condition. As such, they’re almost perfect for a large swath of the auto buying public. First, home and professional mechanics can use them to mine spare parts. Second, weekend warriors can purchase salvage cars in order to begin a new project in the garage. Third, parents looking for a cheap car for their newly licensed son or daughter can look into salvage options.

Regardless of what kind of car buyer you are, there’s one main benefit of salvage cars that appeal to everyone. This is because these cars can get purchased for incredibly low prices — 40 to 75 percent! Because salvage cars always carry their ‘salvage’ designation, they do not have the same resale value as clean title used cars. When you combine this fact with the money one can save through the live auction format, it’s easy to see how consumers can save thousands when they buy salvage auctioned vehicles!

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