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Truck Salvage Auction

February 17, 2019
EZautoauction.com  is an online auto broker that sells salvage and clean title trucks from Insurance Auctions to the public, no dealer license required. Normally the Insurance auctions are only available to people in the automotive industry that have a specific certification called a dealer’s license. We want everyone who is interested to have access to these deals, so our service allows the general public to have access to the truck auctions too! Whether you’re interested in using a truck for spare parts, are looking for a fixer-upper to work on, or want a truck with minor dents and scratches, you can use our service to get access to great truck deals without needing a dealer’s license.

Our website shows the current listings of clean title and salvage title trucks for sale from Insurance Auctions. The search features on our website allow you to search by categories including make, model, location, and auction date. Learn about the vehicles you’re interested in by viewing the photos and information provided in the listings. You can learn even more information about the vehicles by getting instaVIN reports or performing inspections on the vehicles before bidding.

To ensure maximum satisfaction, we ask our customers to review our website and terms and conditions, ask questions, and do additional research on the vehicles before placing their bids. After deciding on the truck you’re interested in, input your bid and someone from our company will pursue the auction for you on your behalf. We would be honored to help you get the truck of your choice.

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